David Cole




I am a playwright and journalist from rural Australia. ​I used to work for Australian Community Media, writing mainly for The Goulburn Post. I am now teaching. 


In my spare time, I write plays.  Three of my plays – The Ballad of Mary Ann Brownlow, Windfall and Life's a Bitch - have been produced by the Lieder Theatre. 


I have worked on projects with the Canberra Street Theatre, including a play called Irene's Wish that was in their First Seen program in 2018. 

I have a new play called The Waltz, which had a successful public reading on November 8, 2020 at the Goulburn Club. There are now plans for a short season of this play at the club in late 2021. 

I was a guitarist in various bands in Canberra including Ice Cream Headache and Barry Drive. I still play and write music in a duo called  'The Ella Folk Project'


If you are interested in either reading or producing any of these plays contact me at:  david.cole@y7mail.com

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